Still crazy (about my Vitamix) after all these years!

 I was a little girl about seven years old the first time I saw a demonstration of the Vitamix at the Indiana State fair. I had to stay with my mom, while my brothers got to ride on all the riders. Funny how 40 years later those rides would not have been as memorable as the Vitamix demo.
  The vendor display had one of those tilted mirrors above the counter showing everything the guy was putting into the container to blend. I remember two things:  first, he added a whole egg including the shell to one of the drinks he let us sample (his point was we can use the calcium, and the Vitamix blends so well that you will not discern the grainy texture from the shells); and second, he put a small chunk of a 2 x 4 (a piece of wood!!) into the Vitamix just to show us how powerful the blades and motor are!  That left an indelible mark on the future kitchen scientist in me!  Note: he didn’t give us samples. In fact, he told us not to do this at home.
   Twenty-some years later while visiting my cousin, I was reintroduced to the Vitamix. This cousin doesn’t claim to be a kitchen scientist, nor does she even have a particular love of cooking. She was raising her young family. I was parenting just behind her, as my children were 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 at the time. She told me she uses the Vitamix to make easy soup with a bag of frozen peas, a couple of cups of chicken broth, some onion powder and salt.  She had my attention!  Within a couple of months we bought the Vitamix I still use nearly every day. That was twenty years ago!
  When my cousin made her pea soup she didn’t have to heat the soup, because the Vitamix motor heats the contents of the container if you let it run five or six minutes. It does create a lot of foam, so when you serve it, toss a few fishy crackers on the bowl or a handful of whole peas reserved from the original bag.
  Any blender can make smoothies.  If you want to go beyond that, you’ll need something more powerful.  Here’s where the Vitamix is the champion.
I’ve made a lot of soups that are blended or partially blended.  I also add hidden nutrients to enchilada sauce, spaghetti sauce, cheese dips, etc., just by blending in leftover cooked veggies or packets of frozen pureed veggies which I make just for this purpose. I don’t often make the soup entirely in the Vitamix (although my daughter has a favorite that’s made with a jar of spaghetti sauce, a carton of chicken broth and several tablespoons of pesto.  Give this a whiz sometime.  We used to pack it in a Thermos for road trips with her volleyball team).  Most often, I transfer several cups of any soup cooking on my stove to the Vitamix, purée it, then return it to the pot where it thickens the batch.  I have made pureed/partially-pureed squash, pumpkin, lentil and other bean soups.
   I keep puréed, steamed cauliflower in 1/2 cup portions in my freezer for many recipes.  Whenever cauliflower is on sale, I stock up.  I freeze the bags flat on a cookie sheet.  Once frozen, I stand the packets upright filing them in freezer door.
   I routinely make peanut butter and almond butter from oven-roasted nuts. Check out Aldi’s great price for oven-roasted almonds and give this a try.
  I make my own laundry detergent and grind the bar soap portion in my Vitamix. You can Google the recipe. I happen to use fragrance-free castile bar soap for my sensitive skin.

  Feel free to contact this office if you need information or ideas about how to use the Vitamix. I have watched loads of YouTube videos comparing the Vitamix and other blenders. The Vitamix is perhaps the strongest one on the market. It is not for everyone. You might not need such a powerful blender.   If you do, however, you will not be disappointed in the Vitamix.

Oh, one more thing, the Vitamix comes with a 7-year warranty (this machine has an automatic shut off if the motor starts to get too hot.  I know this because I’ve made pudding from baked sweet potatoes and vanilla instant pudding mix and didn’t add enough liquid first.  Churning through the dense sweet potatoes overheated my machine).  I made good on the warranty when my container developed small cracks in the bottom after about 6 years and I sent it in for a replacement.